Our expertise

InterCheM B.V. is a company that specialises in waste collection, processing, and recycling, as well as in the production of chemicals such as solvents and paints.

InterCheM supplies products for the future, all of which are manufactured to the highest sustainability standards. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our sustainable production processes and in the fact that we use reclaimed raw materials.


InterCheM is here to help you responsibly dispose of your hazardous waste. With over 50 years’ experience, we know like no other how to collect hazardous waste and store, process, and recycle it the right way.


InterCheM offers a complete line of chemical products. We categorise these into solvent-based products and water-based products.


At InterCheM, the focus is always on recycling. Recycling solvents and cleaners helps reduce the burden on the environment. Distillation is one of the techniques that we use to make waste products ready for reuse.


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Collect waste in one transport operation and deliver new products
Fixed routing days tailored to all our customers
The only one in the Netherlands who can collect waste and produce chemical products
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