At InterCheM, the focus is always on recycling. Recycling solvents and cleaners helps reduce the burden on the environment. Distillation is one of the techniques that we use to make waste products ready for reuse. During the distillation process, the pure solvents evaporate and are thus separated from the residues. After cooling, we collect the pure raw materials, check them in the laboratory and reuse them where possible.

Reusing distilled chemical waste does not have to mean compromising on quality. On the contrary! Recycling waste through various automatic and semi-automatic methods allows a large proportion to be utilised as secondary raw materials for the development of new, high-quality applications. Needless to say, we do this while still complying strictly with current domestic and international legislation and regulations.

Contract distellation

Would you like to get your contaminated solvents cleaned? Use our contract distillation service to have us collect your contaminated solvents, regenerate them, and return them to you as good as new. Contracted-out distillation not only reduces your waste flows, but also your production costs: you often pay less for a distillate than for a virgin raw material. That is one of the reasons why we favour an eco-friendly approach in which the reuse of raw materials is becoming increasingly important.

Bulk export

We distil bulk volumes of solvent, ranging from pure raw materials to a mixture of chemicals, and use our network to deliver it all over the world. To find out about our current range of bulk streams, please contact us


To supply a wide array of sustainable products and paints made of raw materials reclaimed from waste. We sell, for example, a wide range of recycled solvents, cleaners, and thinners.

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