From waste to new product

19 april 2019

On Wednesday, April 17, the festive opening of the new waste collection station in Papendrecht took place. During the opening, an information market was organized for residents and invited guests to learn more about what happens to their waste after it is deposited. InterCheM and Inter-GreeN were naturally present at the event.

New setup
The new waste collection station is modern, easily accessible, and user-friendly. The premises on which the waste collection station is built have been completely redesigned. The route on the premises has been adjusted to ensure quick and easy disposal of waste. Different types of waste are clearly indicated. About half of the electricity used at the waste collection station is generated sustainably through solar panels on the roof.

From waste to new product
The new waste collection station accepts over 25 different types of bulky household waste. The waste deposited at the collection station is recycled. Various materials are separated and serve as raw materials for new products. For example, old plastic garden chairs are reused in the production of new plastic frames. Used tires are recycled as playground surfacing, and leftover paint is used to produce new latex. We are responsible for the latter!

We collaborate closely with HVC’s various waste collection stations, including the new station in Papendrecht, through InterCheM and Inter-GreeN, to collect and recycle household hazardous waste. The paint residues that are deposited end up with us, allowing us to create new paint that we then sell again.

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