A recycling company for recycling hazardous waste: we do that too. Sustainable recycling techniques let us reclaim as much new raw material as possible from the waste that we collect. The semi-automatic processing methods and our distillation processes are entirely made-to-measure, so that the maximum possible return is obtained from every waste product.

Recycling by distillation

The waste materials that we can recycle range from contaminated solvents, paint residues and water flows through to used packaging from chemicals. We try to distil as much waste solvent and cleaning agents as possible. Recycling solvents and cleaners helps reduce the burden on the environment. Recycling sandblasting grit is another possibility. If you are also environmentally aware, have a look at our range of cleaners. Our staff are trained in separating your waste flows carefully into recyclable and non-recyclable flows. So we are working on an environmentally responsible recycling process, which helps improve the environment we live in.

Have a look at our range of distillates