Our policy

Continuously evolving. That is an absolute necessity in the chemical sector. That’s why we are present as a producer at the beginning of your production process, but also involved as a collector at the end of the process. As a result, our knowledge is comprehensive, and we can call ourselves specialists in chemistry. This is also because we constantly strive for innovative, clean processing and production methods.

Safety, health, and well-being. Both yours and that of our skilled, professional, and experienced employees. That is always our top priority in our policy. As well as ensuring a safe and environmentally hygienic living, working, and living environment. We make every effort to control and reduce environmental impact, prevent damage to public health, and limit residual risks related to safety. In other words, we continuously focus on improving environmental performance and enhancing safety. We stand for ‘Clarity and safety in chemistry.’ For example, by raising awareness among our employees and keeping them aware that preventing harm to health, work, or the environment should always be pursued.

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