A little piece of history

At the beginning of the 60s, InterCheM (the Internationale Chemische Maatschappij) was founded by Mr. Groeneweg from Malden (NL). After a brief period of cooperation, the company was taken over officially by Mr. Peters a couple of years later. The activities were limited to the development and sale of degreasers for cars and washing products for car washes. Not long later, the company moved from a small shed to a larger barn and finally took a cooling cell at a fruit trader on Distelakkerstraat in Beuningen. During the oil crisis in 1973, Mr. Peters decided to produce thinners. Because of the high demand for thinners, he set up a chemicals wholesaler. The product range was expanded to include paper, films, sandpaper, spraying masks and more. InterCheM also started selling clear varnish and producing hardeners. This expansion in product range meant that the company had to move again to a larger location, now on Metaalweg in Weurt. At the beginning of the 80s, exports to other European countries began there.

'The craftsmanship in the production methods led to an enormous increase in customers during the early years'

InterCheM's board noticed that customers were struggling with polluting thinners and the environmental requirements that were imposed upon them. They realised that waste products from the paint, ink and graphical industries could have negative consequences for the environment. InterCheM set up an environmental department and became one of the first companies in the Netherlands with a collection and processing service for chemical waste. This was recognised by the authorities and InterCheM received a permit for processing chemical waste materials. This was - and still is - all about recycling. In the late 80s, development, production and sale were started of coloured paints, raw materials for the automotive industry, along with rinsing machines and can presses for the paint processing industry. Skilled craftsmanship made way for professionalism, modern machinery and important environmental permits. In 1993, InterCheM moved to the Schoenaker industrial site on the A73 motorway in Beuningen (Gelderland, NL). Shortly afterwards, Mr. Peters sold the company. At the end of the 90s, we saw the introduction of 'InterCheM new style'. Under the management of Rens Zwanenburg, InterCheM is now one of the largest waste collectors and chemical production companies in the Netherlands. Reputable and independent. Sales of peripheral items have been discontinued, but the service is still as good as ever. The current specialisation in waste and chemicals is one of the reasons.

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