Inter-GreeN Thinner

Continuing to innovate in distillation techniques has allowed us to develop a wide range of sustainable thinners. The Inter-GreeN Thinner product line consists of sustainable cleaning agents and dilution agents: consistently high-quality solvents.

Sustainable cleaners

Chemical cleaning agents have to be capable of cleaning effectively, and it must also be possible to use them responsibly. This means that the products must have the least possible impact on humans and on the environment. InterCheM's sustainable cleaning agents offer a way out of this dilemma.

Sustainable thinners

When we design our sustainable thinners, we think about how they are going to be used. What viscosity is needed? Do you want a high gloss finish or not? How much dissolving power must the product have? Is the drying time important? The range of sustainable diluting agents consists of cellulose, polyurethane and epoxy thinners. Cleaning agents are available in all sorts and sizes. Just ask if you would like more information.