Who do we work for?

Because we collect almost all types of waste and also produce solvents and thinners, we work for a wide range of sectors. If you are wondering whether we could take some of the worry out of your hands, contact us for a face-to-face discussion.

InterCheM is already helping in the following sectors:

Automotive industry Photography and lithography companies
Car companies Cardboard packing printers
Car repair companies Offset printers
Car spray shops Print shops
Bodywork companies Publishers
Garages Silk screen and textile printing
Building contractors Carpentry and furniture making
Construction companies Glaziers
Companies producing machines and other equipment Steel and metalworking
Paint, ink and varnish producers Sandblasting
Surface treatment companies Chemicals industry
Municipal depots Mastic application
Wholesalers Mastic producers
Galvanisation and coating industry Plastics production
Painters Woodworking
Interior design