Corporate social responsibility and sustainability. They're in our DNA. After all, you must be able to work safely with the chemical products that we deliver. And we want to place as little burden as possible on the environment through chemical waste. Our recycling techniques are one example. We are continuously in contact with regional and national authorities and we work with the environmental and safety organisations for the sector. This keeps us up to date about the latest legislation and regulations for processing hazardous waste and the production of solvents and cleaners. Because we want to have a central role in society, we also provide employment opportunities for young disabled people. We can find the right workplace for everyone within our company. In addition, we are involved in numerous projects in the region. For instance, we provide palettes for the Children's Holiday Week, we give primary school pupils an introduction to the company and we allow our site to be used by the annual Boldershof Truckers Convoy.

We received the safety approval mark for industrial sites
Accredited training company