InterCheM: chemicals producer, waste collection company and waste processor

InterCheM is a waste collection, waste processing and chemicals production company that offers solutions for production companies and end users. These are not only for waste and environmental issues, but also in production of chemicals. As well as collecting, storing, processing and recycling waste materials (including hazardous waste), we also produce thinners and cleaning agents that are water-based and solvent-based. Our working method is all about open communication, both with you and with the governmental authorities and environmental organisations. We therefore value personal contact very highly. Would you like to get to know the team behind InterCheM?

Efficient management in the chemicals sector

Keeping on developing. That is absolutely crucial in the chemicals sector. That is why our role as a producer means we are involved not only at the start of your production process, but also at the end, collecting materials back in. So we see both sides of the coin and we can genuinely call ourselves chemistry specialists. We also keep making efforts to create innovative, clean processing and production methods. Would you like to know more? Just ask.

How InterCheM was started