Contract production

Would you like to use us for your contracted-out production? Please do. We want to be your partner, not just your supplier. We will be happy to share our many years of expertise with you. The trust that you place in us will be rewarded by optimisation of your production processes and reduction of your process costs. How can we work together?

When is it worth investing in contracted-out production?

For example, if you do not have much expansion capacity yourself, or if you do not have a permit for storing particular raw materials. Or if you do not have enough production capacity, we can take over. This could e.g. be fulfilling production orders for your customers, such as filling, repackaging or mixing chemical products, both solvent-based and water-based. You give us the composition and the specifications., and we will handle the production.

Why not have your contract manufacturing done by us?

We are a one-stop shop. We offer both quality and flexibility. The laboratory checks the raw materials, using a variety of techniques that include gas chromatography. Production is then semi-automatic, thanks to our production facilities. These include mixing tanks, and mixing vessels, dissolvers, bead mills and filling machines. For distribution, we have an extensive fleet of vehicles that run according to fixed routes.

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