Water-based degreasers

The water-based degreasers that we produce can be used for removing e.g. dirt, dust and cutting or grinding residues. No matter whether it is a paint layer, primer, metal or plastic - all substrates can be degreased. On top of that, water-based degreasers are biologically degradable and therefore environmentally friendly.

More benefits of a water-based degreaser?

  • the degreaser does not leave streaks
  • it does not affect rubber or plastics
  • the degreasing products have an antistatic action
  • the product is better for your health

Sanding, spraying or cleaning? In all these cases, water-based degreasers can do the preparatory work. For removing e.g. fat and glue residues, though, a solvent-based degreaser is a better alternative.